Why shop with us ?




The Organic Grocer is one of the oldest home delivery services in Sydney. Our experience in buying, handling and packing organic products means you get the freshest, highest quality products available.



Honesty is a big thing in our industry. You have to trust your getting certified organic produce. Our long running and impeccable history shows that we are committed to and always deliver on our promise of providing our customers with certified organic produce ONLY.

What this means to you is that you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you paid for!


Throughout the years, we have developed an understanding of the quality of service our customers expect. From this understanding, we have developed a system that provides you with the high quality service you expect.

This service starts with your call to our friendly staff on our easy to remember 1300 number, or your order placement via our speedy web store, or your email to our customer service to which we respond within 24 hours.

We continue the same level of service by packing your order in the cool early hours of the morning, then store it chilled and deliver it to your door later that same day in a refrigerated vehicle.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If anything should ever fall below our exceptional standards, we offer a genuine 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In fact we insist that you let us know if anything wasn't up to your standards, so we can refund your money, and take the steps necessary to making sure it never happens again.