Customer's Testimonials

"Your web site is very easy to use, the added benefit of seeing what is in each weeks box is a bonus on any other online organic shopping site, and ur delivery guy is a very happy and friendly person ... so thanks..."
........Simon Long

"I've been looking for a quick and easy organic groger to deliver at home, now I have found you! Nowhere in the main westfields have I been able to buy Essence bread which is what my Natropath recommended for me, u have it its great. I am going to see if our bubs likes organic food and switch over, I want all our family to eat toxic free from this day forward, thanks so much for such an easy and quick online storer, it was a actual joy to go shopping today, not many women can say that, that have a 18 month year old :)"
........Ju-Elia, Chester Hill

"We have been very impressed with you all! Thank you for your friendly service and for delivering such fresh food every week - it's like Christmas when the box arrives. I have kept the empty boxes for you as was unsure whether you re-used them? What is the best way to get them back to you? Many thanks!"
.......Ally, Meadowbank

"Everything I have ever bought from Organic Grocer is always crisp, fresh and tastes amazing. I don't even need to go out shopping as it all gets delivered to my home, and they work in with times that suit you. I have never been disappointed in the produce, it's always fantastic, and they are always willing to vary an order (which I do every week)! Thanks for making life easier by bringing high quality, yummy organic food direct to my door!"
.......Kylie, Greenwich

"We have been using The Organic Grocer almost weekly for the last 2 years and have found the quality of produce to be beyond anything we have found in any store. The service is excellent with a personal touch that makes you feel like part of the family. We have also found the delivery to be extremely reliable."
.......Sarah and Andreas, Loftus

"I find the service that the organic grocer provides to be very convenient. My beautiful fresh vegetables are delivered at the same time each week and the cost debited to my allocated account. It is wonderful to arrive home each Wednesday to a box of wonderful fresh, delicious fruit and vegetables. The organic vegetables definitely have more flavour and aroma that those farmed using modern methods. Christina is pleasant and helpful, dealing with her makes shopping enjoyable."
.......Sarah, Ashfield

"I have been using the Organic Grocer for over a year now and I find the staff friendly and helpful with a good knowledge of the products they sell. The delivery service is very reliable and the quality of the produce is always great."
......Tonya, Balmain

"I made the switch to organic produce after I was diagnosed with cancer and the Organic Grocer has really become part of my support team. They supply fresh, high quality organic products delivered right to my kitchen bench. I also appreciate the friendly reminder emails for my weekly order, especially when I have been going through treatment and have been unwell. Thankyou Organic Grocer!"
......Jan, Annandale

"My family has been eating organic fruit, veges and meat from The Organic Grocer since they started. The quality of organic produce is extremely high, the service is second to none and the taste of the food takes me back to my childhood when we were growing our own. Thanks Organic Grocer for your continued commitment to providing the best of organic!"
......Debbie, Como

"Thanks for my orders. I would just like to say thankyou for my fantastic weekly orders. Iam very happy with my deliveries & hope to continue receiving great quality items.I received some spinach a couple of weeks ago & couldnt believe how nice it looked & tasted.So thankyou to the organic grocer."
......Margaret, Rockdale

"I have been receiving a weekly mixed box of fruit & vegetables from the Organic Grocer for over two years now, and I could not be happier with the service. The produce is always of the highest quality and they are always happy to add/change my order at a moments notice.

I get the box delivered to work, however if I am ever unable to collect it from work, I can make a quick call to the friendly staff who are always happy to deliver elsewhere. This flexibility makes the service even more attractive.

The prices are very competitive, you would be hard pressed to get the same volume and quality from an Organic retail store, and I would be happy to recommend the Organic Grocer to anyone who would like to live a healthy lifestyle, with as much flexibility and convenience of a local grocer."

......Nigel, Coogee