I love finding stories about organic farmers like this one in Star-Gazette.com

Kingbird Farm produces certified organic produce, beef, pigs, chickens, eggs, herbs and a lot more.
"What is really important is the fact that we are a diverse, small family farm. Everything we produce is real and wholesome - organic is not a marketing ploy," Karma Glos said.

Muckraking pigs make mulch. On the Kingbird Farm in Berkshire pigs do what pigs do best. The porkers are put in a pen filled with compost material - cow dung, horse poop and other bio-degradable material. On top of a layer of clean straw, the pigs rock and roll and root through the compost. They poke and pack the muck and compact the pile into a nutrient-filled mulch for use in nourishing the soil.

This natural process suits the organic farm just fine.

Karma and Michael Glos purchased 100 acres of hilltop in Berkshire. Much of it is beautiful forest; other parts look like rocks could be the major crop. They took the land and designed it into a well-organized and profitable business.

"We worked at building a sound structure, experimenting with different techniques and crops and staying out of debt," he said. "It takes a lot of planning to find year-round markets to keep the farm solvent." The Gloses have been in business for 10 years. They share what they learn with other farmers and encourage visitors to spend time looking at everything on the farm.

"We give farm tours, entertain school groups and Cornell University classes. We are truly proud of our farm and respect our customers and visitors enough to want them to see every aspect of our production.

"Anything we can do to promote a healthier cleaner world we will talk about," Karma said.
Both Michael and Karma often speak in the community and write articles for newspapers and magazines promoting organic farming.

Karma also has written two books giving advice on raising organic poultry. The Gloses' chickens are grown free-range, and both the laying hens and the boilers are raised without the use of medication. "The green rotating pastures and the organic feed give the eggs a deep orange yolk and exceptional taste," Karma said.

Michael said farming is a good life, especially with all the modern marketing tools.

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